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Allow me to reintroduce myself.

I did not get on twitter with any goals or expectations, I got on twitter to monitor our kid and make sure he was being social media responsible during a very important time in his life. I had no idea people would actually be entertained by the smart ass mouth and sarcastic comments that might have my husband goggling "Life after divorce" and my kids singing "Ding dong the witch is dead" when I leave the room. I had no idea that me wanting to meet other parents would play any roll in recruiting. I had no idea that I might be put in the position to help other parents by answering lingering questions or just offering an ear for support. I just had NO IDEA!

Well, now I know and I am here for it! Welcome to Mutha Hustla University, where knowledge and free and flowing and EVERYONE gets a scholarship, I might change that later if I get a blue check or something on twitter, so take advantage of free while you can! Seriously, stay tuned, I will be updating the site with helpful athletic and recruitment information, insight from a parents perspective and experience and of course rambling on about my life!

Class is in session!

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