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Muthas Day!

It would only be appropriate for me to rename Mothers Day to Muthas Day, plus only like 10 people pronounce Mother the right way, right?

So here it is, you guys have 3 days to figure this out, although the day has been coming for 364 days, that is neither here nor there, you have 3 days. It is not too late to make this day special for the women in your life that are Mamas! Dad's listen, it is YOUR duty to teach your young children how to honor their Mother until they know how, you also have to balance honoring your own mom while doing this, again, it is not hard and do not over think it! I have composed a short effective list of Muthas Day dos and don'ts that might help SOMEONE, ANYONE, not all, but if we can reach a few my mission is accomplished.

1. DO NOT listen to her when she says she wants nothing. Don't fall for it. We pushed out entire humans and wore diapers for 6 days after, WE WANT SOMETHING! A gift card to a place she goes to a lot, a bottle of her favorite wine/liqour, flowers, a tank of gas and a car wash, a cleaning service to come in and clean. If you have no ideas ASK THE KIDS, they know everything, text her bestie (we normally call her after a crappy Mothers Day and tell her all the simple shit you could have done but didn't) <----Don't get sensitive on us! LOL

2. AVOID taking her out to eat and having to wait for a long time. I cringe at waits over 15 minutes. We value our time and sitting in a waiting area looking at a bunch of hungry strangers and listening to our whiny kids PLUS other peoples whiny kids is just disrespectful. In stead, order the food, go pick it up (take the kids with you, we do not want to be moms on mothers day, see #3, have paper plates, forks etc, so there is minimal clean up!

3. We love our kids but DO NOT assume we want to spend all day with them! It can be 1 hour or 5 hours, some moms DO NOT want to spend their entire day doing Mom stuff. As much as possible be prepared to take over whatever she normally does, this is her celebration. This is usually for the SAHM, mom of children who are not self sufficient etc. If she doesn't want to leave the house, pack up the mini van and you leave, WITH THOSE CHILDREN and take your time.

4. DO NOT expect much of her today, like seriously, this not the Mon-Fri get it done woman today. Not breakfast, snack, dinner, laundry, important questions, a bra, just avoid bothering her with anything that has to do with responsibility today unless SHE choses other wise. Just DO NOT EXPECT IT TODAY!!

5. Last but not least, this is a gentle reminder that you reap what you sow. Muthas Day is BEFORE Father's Day for a reason. I hate to throw us under the bus but <clears throat> women do petty a lot better than men. LOL! If your Fathers Day sucks chances are so did her Mothers Day!

My husband is going to be giving me major side eye but I am taking one for the team Mamas!

I wish ALL a Beautiful Ladies a HAPPY MUTHAS DAY! If no one has told you, you are appreciated, even in when you feel imperfect as a Mom, you are appreciated! None of us have this figured out, but together we will get through it and help each other raise amazing humans!

For those Moms that are not able to hug their children because they are angels, I send you extra hugs and loves.

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