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Fake food review.

Such is life. It has been 20 days since I blogged, we are now 30 days from dropping Byron off in Austin and ALOT has happened! So much has happened I forgot everything (blame it on the kids)! I am going to jump around like a frog. The Spring Game was so much fun and again Austin owes us nothing, the only thing I wish I could go back and do is being able to meet more Texas fans. As a parent when you get there it is a lot of moving around, we had lunch, meetings, hugs, conversations about who is THE MOST ready to drop their kid off and then the game starts. We sat by some of our new family, The Rising's and The Foster's, I think we will keep each other sane during the season. Let me get into ATX food, HOW are you Austinites, I hope that is right because Mike Craven and @rockyknowsbest already checked me about that name and I do not want to get in trouble, anyway HOW are you all so little with so much food to try?

So the Rising's and ourselves decided to grab a bite after the game, it was late, I have no idea what side of town they were on but we went and got them and I put food in my phone and a 24 hour taco shop came up. FIRST OF ALL, 24 hours and Tacos is all this girl needs in life, and my husband (I don't want to hear it) LOL. Ok, on the pictures on line, it looks really bright, big and pretty welcoming, right? Well it is 12am, we pull up and I have to admit, I did not say anything to Paul, but I was leary. It was a cute place but small, not bright, I was not sure, but we were hungry AND it was here or Jack in the Box and I am too old for those tacos. Tyson's Tacos, y'all, I could have slapped everyone in that place, the cooks, the patrons, the one dog (y'all love dogs) <--- Another blog ---> Paul, Nicko, Eunice, Tyson (Rising's older brother just so happens to be named Tyson), I mean EVERYONE could have gotten slapped. I ordered the Fajita Taco plate, no beans double rice, the tacos had bacon on them, BACON, enough said, GET THERE!!

Ok so on to the next day, Byron just so happened to stay with Rising, so we decided AGAIN to hang out before we left and do lunch, I am responsible AGAIN for finding us food to eat. Byron says seafood (eye roll, 30 days) So I trust my iPhone to find us a great place, I am going 2-0 on the food this weekend! The first place I wanted to go had an hour and a half wait for 10 people :( , it is a difficult task for us alone to walk into a place and be seated fast with 6 people, all the kids are with us and they don't have 15 minutes in them, they can barely wait on me to fix a cup of water at home (only 16 more years). The next place it sends me to is Sam's Boat! When I called ahead the hostess was so nice and accommodating, she didn't say she could hold a table BUT when we arrived she had our table ready. They had $4 Margaritas and this is the perfect way to get through dinner with 3 small kids it might be the ONLY way. I ordered popcorn shrimp as an appetizer, I ate 2 and had to give the rest to my litter "Another margarita please" Ayva (2) asked for some, but I was not in the mood for jail so I told her no. Back to the shrimp, it was small but so good, I mean GOOD. For my entree I got the Shrimp and Crab Étouffée' with a caesar salad, again, I could have slapped all parties involved! I do not eat Crawfish but it was on special for $8.99 a pound for you crawfish lovers.

I really do love the city of Austin, it is like a mini vacation every time we go, we discover something new and I am usually not ready to come home! I love ATX!

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