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Mommin' My Way!

You all know the drill! Husband, kids, life, business, procrastination, blah blah blah is all the reasons aka excuses I have not blogged! Alot of bloggers plan their entries, I can't do that, these blogs are literally about my immediate unplanned life. Now that we are done with that, Happy May!

It is officially MUTHA's MONTH forget Mothers Day, we deserve an entire 31 days! Don't get excited Mamas, no one is

going to celebrate you all month. So since Mother's Day is upon us this is the perfect time for this topic that I have a little bit of expertise in, MOMMIN', specifically "Mommin My Way". In a world of unsolicited parent advice, thousands of contradictory parent articles, one million dos and don'ts and endless studies, it can be hard for a gal to find her Mom-fidance (The confidence to unapologetically Mom Your Way). Listen I get it, I did not get my Mom-fidance until I was 30 with our 2nd child, even then it wasn't 100%, however, I knew there were certain things I wanted for our children and those things were not up for debate.

Breast feed or you child will fail Pre-K and will never be able to spell their name.

Breastfeeding, yea, NO thank you, "Nurse can you please fill my cart with some formula"! I tried, it wasn't for ME, I moved on and man I have some smart kids!

Never let your child sleep in your bed or they will grow a 2nd arm and never let you go.

A CRIB, whats that? You mean the thing with the bars that holds laundry and stuffed animals? I co-slept in the hospital and guess what all my kids sleep in their beds all night, in their room, except for that little one, she makes up alot of her own rules, that is another blog.

If you feed them McDonalds they will turn into plastic.

Your kid eats boogers, dirts and ants at school when you are not around, you have bigger problems than that chicken nugget. GIVE the little people what they want!

Too much screen time and their eyes will fall out of their heads.

THANK YOU Samsung for babysitting my children when I am at the end of my rope and ready to slap everything under 4 feet.

Don't get me wrong there is some great parenting advice and tips out there, there are alot of experienced moms out there who you should turn to for advice BUT I want you to always remember, NONE of this is the Gospel when it comes to how YOU mom. You receive advice then you determine what works for YOU and your children. Never feel as though you have to compromise how you want to raise your kids to appease anyone else. As long as you are not putting your kids in danger, they are safe, happy and healthy, nothing else matters.

Find you a group of moms that are not scared to say "My kids suck sometimes" or "My kids haven't bathed in 2 days". Find some moms LIKE ME that sends their kid to school with lunch in a plastic grocery sack instead of a $40 lunch box. My kids drink water 98% of their life, they also might eat Ramen Noodles for dinner, so there's that.

I encourage you to find your MOM-Fidance,

"Kids are one of Gods many perfect creations UNTIL we get our hands on them"- Mutha Hustla

Remind everyone that you are doing life your way!



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