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I posted this on my FB page and wanted to share on my blog. I have gotten the question enough "How can I get my kid recruited". This is a tough question because YOU can't really get your kid recruited or offered.

Here is the truth and you can believe me NOW or LATER.

In my opinion you cannot pay a service to have your kid "offered" a scholarship, especially D1. I am not downing any risk you are willing to take to get your child a free or partially free education. When you hire a service you are more than likely paying them for education and to have your kids named entered into a database of athletes where the coaches might look.

Here are a few others way you can spend your time to assist in recruiting.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, I am an experiencer.

1. Be realistic about your kids athletic abilities and make sure they are as well. Every parent thinks their child is amazing. Truth be told I truly had NO IDEA Byron was going to get recruited at the level he did.

2. Ask your athlete if they still LOVE the sport enough to attack what is next.

3. Everyone is not going to play D1 and THAT IS OK! There are different levels for a reason to give more athletes an opportunity to continue their athletic career and possibly have their education paid for.

4. GET INVOLVED. Research and find the Recruiting team for the schools your athlete is interested in, follow them on social media, send emails. Notice I did not say the head coach, I said THE RECRUITING TEAM.

5. Invest in camps where coaches will be. Once you sign your athlete up and pay your money EVERYTHING ELSE IS ON THEM. Either they show up and MAKE themselves get noticed or they don't.

6. Do not compare your athlete to the next athlete.

7. Do not put your athletes future 100% in a HS coaches hand, again I say BE INVOLVED. If you have questions about how they help and if they have relationships with colleges set up a meeting EARLY.

8. If your athlete is in HS they should have a Hudl page provided by the school, this should stay updated with hi lights, THIS is a big part of their resume.

9. Tread carefully, do not make your athlete feel inadequate because they have not gotten an offer or are currently not being actively recruited.

I hope this helps someone.

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