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On this day last year we were planning another Spring visit for the next day. Byron confirmed his attendance earlier in the week and spoke briefly with a coach that day. By this time we had visited about 6 schools, I met coaching greats who I had no idea were greats. Shook plenty of hands, met plenty of confused moms, proud dads and excited athletes. The visits were all impressive, being swept into fancy offices while others waited anxiously for the "call into the office" sitting and listening to dad talk football, Byron smiling and me just there, wondering how cute I would look in purple, or maroon, I hate orange but I can make it work, but it ain't my first choice. Wondering how much a suite cost because I am over being in the elements watching this kid play, then snapping back to reality and looking at OUR SON and saying to myself "This dude might be better at football than I thought". It turned into such a fun experience for me, for us, his work and sacrifices were paying off.

On this day last year Byron came in the living room around mid day and said "I am ready to commit". Dad and I wanted him to wait, he was ready to commit before out of excitement, we, well I was like what about a flashy video, the hat trick? Like we need some glitter and fireworks to do this, but THIS time I could tell, he was serious and he did not need the bells and whistles.

We wanted to make sure he took enough visits and had enough experiences to make a confident decision. I asked him about his visit scheduled for the following day he said "We can cancel it and I do not need to take anymore visits" In my mind I am thinking, bullshit we get 5 free visits, we have been in this for 13 years and have put miles on this car WE ARE TAKING SOME VISITS, WE earned this! I told him lets call daddy at work and if he is comfortable (because he KNOWS College football) then, we are committing.

Dad got home from work, we were all excited, I was a little nervous and every question flew through my head, What if he changes his mind? He is NOT about to de-commit and embarrass us! (I feel different about de-committing now, no judgement) What if something happens with the coaches? BUT, Byron was confident, he knew where his heart was. We had one requirement, he had to call/text the coaches he had been in communication with the most and let them know before he made an announcement. The first contact was hard, Glenn Spencer, his first offer, my first coaches office, such a great guy, but they are used to this, this is what they do, but I can admit, I felt bad. It felt like one of those dating shows where someone has to get voted off week after week and this time EVERYONE was getting sent home on one day. He cancelled his visit for the next day and then it was go time.

The first call was made to "The Herm" he was at a HS coaching convention, he left the conference he was in and took the call, I think he was surprised because again Byron gave no indications or leads on where he was going. If I remember correctly, Byron asked to speak with Orlando, the conversation went like this "Coach Orlando, I am committing to <insert fake school> " Orlando "Wait WHAT, bullshit" Then he drops it " I am committing to The University of Texas". From there it has been raining burnt orange and Longhorns in our house, Byron has never wavered or second guessed his decision and neither have we, except for that one time Orlando had that fake interview, for like 5 minutes, we were second guessing life.

Dad has been converted from being a die hard Razor Back fan and I have grown to love Burnt Orange!

I want to take this time to say HAPPY COMMIT-A-VERSARY to our oldest headache, Byron! We are proud of you and love you even on your most questionable days! In the famous words of Coach Simien, "HOOKEM Got Damn it"!

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