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May and June OH MY!

Let me detail May and June for you guys.

May 13th - Mothers Day (My first one without my mom)

May 22nd - Our 9th Wedding Anniversary

May 27th - Byron moved into San Jacinto

June 1st - Byron Graduated HS

June 11th - My Birthday

June 16th - Byron's 18th Birthday

June 17th - Fathers Day

Ya'll. Life!

Happy Anniversary Paul.. I love you! LOL The "Road to 10" is upon us!

Byron's move in was easy and uneventful. The Texas staff was once again just helpful and out of this world! Shout out to Tory (Teykl) <----- She is the REAL MVP!! She is the GLUE, like Gorilla Glue of Texas Football.

Congrats Byron! You did it. Graduation was well, a graduation. You know, long, a little dry and then they walk! YAAAAHHHHH!! LOL

My Birthday, I have not had a Birthday since Byron was born 5 days after me so.. moving on.

Byron's Birthday, he turned 18, Texas hosted their Heat Wave and in my mind that WAS Byron's party! A pool, a dj and food! THANKS GUYS! LOL

Fathers Day Happy Fathers Day Paul, I LOVE YOU! LOL

Byron has been discussing a last name change for a while now. I have asked him 243432503 questions to ensure this was what HE wanted to do, he brought it up. I asked him "If I divorce daddy because he snores would you want his last name"? "This will be your wife's last name" "What about your kids, do you want your kids to carry the name"? Most important "Are you prepared for the responsibility of carrying on the Vaughns Legacy".

Our paths crossed when Byron was young, I was single, had this kid and was partying like a rock star! This meeting was just a place holder. Fast forward, Paul and I have no idea how we reconnected, My Space was how we communicated, LOL! When it got serious Paul said "If we are going to be together I have to be around Byron" Byron was age 5-6 at the time, he was "active" I was like ummm "He is going to run this man off"

Here we are.... 10 years later, no running off, he ran into the fire. He took over a role he didn't have to take over and it wasn't a Step Dad role it was a "Father" role, Byron made the decision one day to call him Daddy, we never asked, we never forced. He has not missed an event, a game, an ass whooping, a praise, a lecture or an I love you yet. STEP does not live in this house. So on Fathers Day, Byron surprised Paul with the first step (the courts were closed on Saturday) and let him know he wanted to proceed with a last name change by changing his name on his locker. Although the name change has been brought up by Byron plenty of times Paul had no idea. I have watched him break Byron down and build him back up in the same breath. I have watched him have the same hurt, the same love he has with his blood kids (if not more) for Byron. It is fact that Paul will fight you harder about Byron than I will (I'm tired, I am just going to talk to a little shit)

Recently, Kayla (8) asked "Why does Byron have a different last name than everyone else"? The old me wanted to tell her "Damn, mind your own business" but the Mom in me had to explain to her why AND in her most shadiest voice she said "Does Daddy know"? I said "Hell, I hope so"!


Byron Vaughns... Loading.........

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