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Dads have Super Powers Too!

Moms have ALOT of super powers, but there is one that we just do not have that Dad's do! The super power of being invisible when the kids need/want something? Not intentionally, the kids literally DO NOT see them when Mama is home.

Example 1: Kid is sitting next to dad on the sofa, kid walks past the kitchen, past the 1st bathroom to the 2nd bathroom where mom is in the shower to ask "Can you get me some water"?

Example 2: Kid is laying next to dad in the bed, kid gets up from bed, walks past 2 bedrooms to the living room to ask mom who is on a conference call and cleaning at the same time "Mama, can you cover me up"?

Example 3: Kid is in the kitchen with Dad who is heating up food for himself, kid leaves the kitchen walks the entire house to find mom (doesn't find her and finds out she is gone) 5 hours later Mom returns home, kid "Mama, I am hungry"

ONE time Byron called me while I was out and said "Everyone is starving, including Daddy"

My reaction.................... (EXCUSE THE LANGUAGE)

Yesterday, all day, my kids reminded me that although their dad is "the fun parent" and that is who they wanted to be with, they needed me. They still require the balance of fun and get it done! So, today I birthed another shirt for all you mamas to wear on Mother's Day or Monday, maybe Tuesday, Wednesday would be a good day, Thursday is perfect, Friday before you leave for Happy Hour, Saturday while lounging, maybe Sunday when you go to church, hell EVERYDAY is a good day to be deemed "GO ASK YA DADDY DAY" Dads do not get offended and make this about you, we love you, the kids cherish you, you are awesome fathers, all of this does not solve the mystery of why they are walking past you to bother US!

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